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Good day sir I said good day

Accidentally beaten to death by skeletons

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Birthdate:Aug 11
Location:(states/regions/territories), Australia
Wherefore art thou Dzurlady?
The short version: The name itself comes from a fantastic series of books by Steven Brust - the Taltos series, which has 17houses, one of which is Dzur. The House takes its name from the animal: the dzur is a large, black tiger, and represents heroism.
The long version: is here.
The pronunciation: The 'dz' in Dzurlady is pronounced similarly to the 'ts' or 'tz' in 'Tzar'. The rest is as one would expect.

I have a livejournal of the same name, where I crosspost my DW posts and interact with my LJ friends.

Online, I am fannish. I am into vidding and also very fond of BPAL. I am a feminist and I also care about other issues such as racism, homosexism, political correctness and generally being considerate of other people. Years of frustration mean I don't find any of these issues particularly funny, but I do try to listen politely to people who are also polite. As this is my journal, I have the final say on what is and is not polite.

Friend wise, I'm still working out my subscribe/access policy. ATM I am likely to give access to anyone who expresses an interest beyond simply friending me, and mainly use subscribe for people whose journals I find interesting but rarely interact with. If you friend me, I'd love to know why, although it's not compulsory.

Offline, I work as a marketer. I have one little fish who had no name, and who has become His Lordship and/or Mr Fish, depending on circumstances, and a cat called Julian, often known as Jules. Yes, I am a blogger who blogs about her cat. I have a mother and two sisters, and my father died in April 2007 after a long struggle with mesothelioma, an asbestos caused cancer.

If you haven't met me through fandom, you might have met me through MonUCS.
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