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Today I went ice skating for about half an hour, to see if it would be possible. I was motivated by three things:
1. Melbourne Ice is having a skate with the players thing next weekend and I wanted to see if it would even be possible for me to go (this was the catalyst)
2. I have been watching lots of people skating as part of watching the hockey and it reminded me how I used to enjoy it, and
3. Last time I went ice skating (which was the first time I went post back injury) it was amazingly painful and I had to give up after about 5 minutes of excruciating wobbling, and I was feeling a mixture of despondent and defiant at the thought that this was something that I would have permanently lost the ability to do, and decided to give it another go.

I went to the Oakleigh rink, because it is close to my house and less expensive, and I thought there would be fewer people, which turned out to be correct. (It was also even cheaper than I expected because when I first turned up no-one was at the counter, and I had to hunt them down to pay, and then they gave me a discount as a result which was nice.) So I put my skates on, pushed through the nervous moment as I stood up and thought 'ok, here I go', ignored the voice that was telling me I was an idiot to risk further injury and stepped onto the ice.

I took one slightly wobbly glide and then BAM I WAS SKATING IN A COMPLETELY NON WOBBLY AND PAIN FREE MANNER, HELLS YEAH! I felt completely stable and although I was by no means fast I was never at serious risk of falling over. Ahhh, I cannot even tell you how happy the lack of pain makes me feel. FREEEDOOOOM!!!! I was fully expecting to get on the ice, stagger around like bambi and be forced off the ice again for the sake of a pain free existence, but I was hoping for the best. My actual hope was that the pain wouldn't be too bad and I could push through it and that I wouldn't wobble that much. My expectations were waaaay exceeded! I am still super super happy about it, 7 hours later. :D :D :D :D :D

(Lest I give you the wrong impression, I am still obviously a beginner, complete with steadying arm waving action, wary glances at people that come too close, and the ability only to go forwards, with extra concentration for turning. But I didn't have to hold onto the wall so as not to fall over once! Maybe I will go do one of the free 'intro to skate' sessions at the Icehouse next.)
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