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According to DW, I am currently in Aruba. Made of lol. *returns to Australia* I'm not sure if this is a bug or if I just thought I selected 'Australia'. I mean, I think I looked at it afterwards and it said Australia, but I can't be 100% certain.

(Beta testing: Test to see what happens when I edit this post now I have deleted the other post.)
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I'm currently testing dreamwidth's cross posting feature. This is alpha release of the feature so I am testing it for bugs.
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Still sick. I normally wouldn't bother to post just to say that, but I thought I should help DW to load test since I am here during closed beta, and I should earn the shiny. Maybe I will give you some interesting links to make this more, well, interesting.

When the tree-change dream turns to dust
Increasing numbers of Melburnians are fleeing the stressful grind of the city for what they dream will be a peaceful country retreat. But tree changes do not live up to the harsh reality of life in rural Victoria, a new study has found.

In fact, 90 per cent of those surveyed say they are so disenchanted they plan to move on — to another town, the coast or back to the city — within five years.

Most say they are stressed by high living costs, poor work opportunities, a lack of services and the effects of drought. Many feel unwelcome and isolated.

(Out of curiosity, [personal profile] vass, would you spell Melbournians with or without the 'o' before the 'u'? The article does not, but I would. I ask only you as so far I only have two people reading this (this is to be expected, since I'm still moving in over here) and you're the only other one from Melbourne.)

Experts say new scientific evidence helpfully justifies massive pre-existing moral prejudice.
Fancy that.

Also, someone linked via lj's metafandom (you know what would be awesome? A way to make the name a clickable link to metafandom on lj, in the same way usernames are clickable to accounts on DW.) and pointed out that you can see how many people are on DW by looking at [staff profile] denise's profile as she has subscribed to everyone's account during closed beta. Kind've cool.

Also, Vividcon suporting memberships opened today, and I got my supporting membership with dvd. It's so cool to be able to get one, and it gives me a very small way to be part of VVC from Australia.
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I got a random 'open access with validated email account' invite code! Yay! I'm not going to import my entries until open beta as apparently it will work better then, and I have to wait until open beta to consolidate my open ID account, but yay!

I also have to upload userpics etc but they're on the other computer.


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