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I am very pleased with the fandom I've matched on, and I would like to say more about my thoughts on seeing my assignment but in the spirit of Yuletide anonymity I will refrain.

Hopefully this year my recipient will comment on their fic. :( Last year my recipient never commented (and didn't write a fic of their own, so I think they might have just dropped out of Yuletide altogether, but it was still sad). I did get some really lovely feedback from other yuletide readers though, so that was nice.

I posted my Yuletide letter here (here on lj). I made it private while I was working on it, so you may have missed it, and since one of my Yuletide pleasures is reading other people's Yuletide letters I thought I would link to it in case anyone else feels similarly.

Finally, if you are my Yuletide author and are here looking through my journal to find out more about me, hello! I am excited you offered to write in one of my fandoms, and wish you all the best. :)
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Poll #4736 Are you excited yet?
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Are you planning to participate in Yuletide this year?

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I have been planning my requests since June
2 (40.0%)

I totally am!
0 (0.0%)

Probably, but I'm not quite sure yet
0 (0.0%)

0 (0.0%)

Probably not
2 (40.0%)

0 (0.0%)

Nothing in the world could induce me to enter the madness that is Yuletide
0 (0.0%)

I might check it out
0 (0.0%)

What is Yuletide?
1 (20.0%)

How will you be participating?

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I am going to be reading fic like there is no tomorrow, and leaving happy comments
2 (50.0%)

I will be reccing! I'm putting white pompoms on my reccing hat in preperation
2 (50.0%)

I'm going to be writing and hoping my recipient likes their fic
2 (50.0%)

I am going to be cheerleading and betaing and generally helpful and/or festive
1 (25.0%)

1 (25.0%)

I am all happy about Yuletide and want to post a poll, plus the dollar is near parity with the US dollar, so I bought six months paid time for my DW account. (A note to my LJ readers - I have begun crossposting everything from DW. I should probably get around to putting a link to my DW posts on my LJ posts, so you can see any comments people make to my DW posts.)
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Yuletide nominations are open! Squee!

And this year I have Too Many Fandoms to request, although I am super excited about the new eligibility requirements because, although I am somewhat dubious about the new algorithm, sanity has finally prevailed (as defined as 'things I think are reasonable') and sub-fandoms in bigger fandoms are eligible! So Twilight Princess, with all of its unique characters and settings, is now eligible as it has been spun off wider Zelda. (Or at least I will be very very surprised if it is disqualified.)


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