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So on the first anniversary of my tumblr, in April 2011, I posted a retrospective of my top three posts from each month. Even at the time I suspected the audience for this was... small, at best. Last April I decided not to do it, but the idea kept sticking with me and wouldn't go away. A month or so later (I can't remember any more) I went through and picked my top two1 photos. They have been open in tabs since then. (I have a terrible tab hoarding problem.)

So over the next 12 days I'll be posting a retrospective of my top posts on my tumblr from April 2011 to March 2012, posted here mostly for me after the desire to do it hung on for many months despite many good reasons to have abandoned this project.

If you click on the photos, they will take you through to the original post on tumblr, with attribution/source if avaliable. In some cases I have included some or all of the quotes that accompanied the photo, if I feel it's of interest/relevance.

1For reasons I have since forgotten, I apparently decided on two photos this year, not three; apart from in April where I apparently couldn't decide which one to cull, so there are three.


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