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Open house today went well! Will do a post with a write up after it is over. Tomorrow is more open house and the hockey! I am looking forward to it. I may go skating afterwards and see if I am still in extreme pain due to my back or if I can soldier on and wobble onto the ice like bambi for the skate with players fall over and flail while the players do competent things member session thingy.

Anyway here is a map of my shortlist of places to go to. WHY ARE THEY NOT CLOSER TOGETHER???

What: Hamer Hall
Where: 100 St Kilda Road, Melbourne
When: 10 - 4pm both days
Time waiting: No queues expected. Optional tours.
Description: Explore the redeveloped public areas of the building and join guided tours that will highlight artworks and points of interest. Roving performers will appear across the weekend and rehearsals for community groups in the St Kilda road foyer.
Pros: I went and saw this last year and it would be nice to see the finished product this year. No queues and easy to get to.
Cons: Can go see the public spaces at any time.
I will go see this tomorrow - it's easy to get to and will be quick, and apparently my brain is more set on the idea of doing a revisit than I first thought.

What: Malthouse Theatre
Where: 113 Sturt Street, Southbank
When: 10-4pm Sunday only
Time waiting: No queues expected. Tours will run every 20 minutes, 20 people per tour
Description: Take a tour to see the Merlyn Theatre, the Beckett Theatre and the Tower Theatre as well as two rehearsal spaces. The tour will feature special insights into the heritage of the site as a malthouse as well as its current function as a contemporary theatre including its scenic workshop, props store, wardrobe and administration.
Pros: Interesting to see the props store and wardrobe.
Cons: Travel time to get there.
Hard to get to yet I remain intrigued - will probably go to.

What: University of Melbourne - Melbourne Brain Centre
Where: 30 Royal Parade (cnr Genetics Lane), Parkville
When: 10 - 4pm each day
Time waiting: Queues expected. 15 people every 20 minutes. Last tour at 3.40pm.
Description: Join a tour of the Melbourne Brain Centre and take the rare opportunity to go behind the scenes where cutting edge neuroscience research takes place. Visitors are welcome to explore the Dax Centre, home of the Cunningham Dax Collection. The gallery comprises creative works by people with mental illness and/or emotional trauma. Younger visitors might like to observe cool demonstrations of a strawberry DNA extraction in the foyer lab.
Pros: Interesting tour. [personal profile] why_am_i works there (not sure if she will actually be there or not...).
Cons: Queues. Not architecturally themed.
Furthest building away, but I will probably try to drop in on my friend.

What: Peter Mac Radiation Therapy Bunkers
Where: St Andrews Place, East Melbourne
When: 10 - 4 Sunday only
Time waiting: Get in early to grab a ticket for a tour that runs every 30 minutes, 15 people per tour. Last tours commence at 3.30pm.
Description: Groups will be escorted into the Radiation Therapy Department and given a brief overview of the wonderful work the team undertakes at Peter Mac Callum Cancer Centre. See inside a radiation therapy bunker and hear about the treatment procedure using the linear accelerator.
Pros: B heard an interview about them and said they sounded good; tour information sounds interesting. Ties in with research labs (see building summary below).
Cons: Queues sound particularly bad, meaning potentially less chance to do other buildings. If tour ticket time is long enough, may be able to tour the cancer research labs while waiting. No guarantees. Only open Sunday.
This sounds really interesting but I am less emotionally invested. I fear time limits will prevent me from making it to the Peter Mac buildings.

What: Peter Mac cancer research laboratories
Where: St Andrews Place, East Melbourne
When: 10 - 4pm Sunday only
Time waiting: Queues expected. Tours only. Every 30 minutes, 15 people per tour. Last tours commence at 3.30pm.
Description: Observe demonstrations of biomedical laboratory activities and learn about some of the technical advances that support Peter Mac’s researchers in the fight against cancer.
Pros: Interesting to see labs; may be able to do while waiting for bunker tour?
Cons: Quite a lot of talk not about buildings; queues.
As above.

What: Russell Place Substation
Where: Russell Place (between Lt Collins St and Bourke St), CBD
When: 10 - 4pm each day
Time waiting: Queues expected, entry by tour: tours every 30 minutes for 40 people
Description: Go underground to see one of Melbourne's oldest substations at work. What's open: Substation, including transformer transfer corridor, DC room, switchrooms, transformer compartments and LV compartment.
Pros: B wants to see it, sounds interesting; more central than JA Substation
Cons: Queues; I only want to visit one underground thing and visit other types of buildings for the rest of the day
Will depend on timing.

What: JA Substation
Where: 640 Little Bourke Street (near Spencer Street), Melbourne CBD
When: 10 - 4pm each day
Time waiting: Queues expected. Three concurrent 45 minute tours departing every 20 minutes.
Description: Once fitted out with protective safety gear, visitors enter the substation from the car park off Little Bourke Street. The tour provides an opportunity to view equipment on each of the levels including the 66kV switchroom, 66kV cable terminations, control rooms, 11kV switchrooms, 66kV/11kV transformer room and finally the cable basement. Many of the auxiliary systems and equipment can be viewed, including capacitor banks and fire control equipment.
Pros: Sounds interesting, B wants to see it.
Cons: Queues; tour time is on the longer side; less central (depending on other buildings visited)
Will depend on timing.


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