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Some of you may not know of my deep and abiding love for 'The Zoo', a show about Auckland Zoo that airs Monday to Friday on Gem at 7.00pm (ish, as Gem's timing is rather unreliable). I have been watching it since February and will be heartbroken when I run out of new episodes (I came in part way through the series, and have watched up to the most recent season, and now they have gone back to showing episodes from the beginning (with wee bb keepers!). At some stage I will catch up with where I came in. /o\)

Slight digression/context for why I am so happy about this aside, today's episode was awesome! It included the elephants moving a cut down tree along a path (they were super happy!) in order to get it to the tiger's habitat (to add excitement, which it did) and then later covered the keepers interacting with the seals. It was all my favourite things on the zoo! :D :D :D :D And then later there was a super tiny adorable species of wallaby hopping around, and it was completely adorable. A++++++ have saved to watch again.

(Usually I delete episodes once I have watched them but I still regret deleting the cute and hilarious episode where the one of the pridelands keepers went swimming with the seals to overcome her phobia of them, because she wanted to go swimming with sharks but was frightened in case there were seals. It was an episode packed full of cute seal goodness! So now I have learnt my lesson.)
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