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Continuing my retrospective of my tumblr, here are my top three photos from June.

Adorable bat getting its fur brushed! Complete with adorable ears and impressively large wings.

Text post - Another house with a slide
Architect Alex Michaelis built an underground house in London after local council policy prevented him from building any higher than the six foot fence on the site of his house.

“By digging down 22 feet, he has created an airy, fashionable, five-bedroom dream of a house - all bright white surfaces and light coming at you from every direction. In order to stop the house feeling like a 21st-century dungeon, or one of those “garden flats” that lurk, damp and unloved, at the bottom of period conversions, he has created a liberal amount of “sub-terraces” which act as lightwells. In addition, there is a vast rooflight in the living room and smaller cousins, on the patio that surrounds the house, which lure as much sunshine as possible into the basement bedrooms. Likewise, the swimming pool, which might seem a little indulgent in a 3,000 sq ft house, is enclosed by glass. The combination of these transparent walls and the light playing on its surface does wonders for illuminating the downstairs.”

Here’s a slideshow with more pictures and information. ”The seeded roof is home to desert plants and wild thyme and strawberries. “In the summer, bird droppings fertilize the roof, and it’s like a Swiss meadow,” says Michaelis. It’s also “a playground for foxes.” The animals gravitate toward the large skylight windows on other parts of the roof as well. “The foxes use the roof windows as an ice rink in the winter and slide on it. We look up from the living room and watch them play,” Michaelis says.”

Castle in the Sky (by jon-e)

You can see all the all of the other photos from June, as well as all the other posts I have made on my Tumblr over the past year, at my Tumblr archive.
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