Apr. 6th, 2011

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I have registered my interest in going along to a survey run by the FFA (football federation australia). I am excited because a) they have been floundering around a bit and hopefully this means they're doing something, b) hopefully I can go along and make them think a bit more about female supporters and c) I am all, my opinion, let me share it with you.

Also I took part in an online survey for the FFA and they asked a series of questions about the social media I used, and one of the options was Tumblr! Excite. In my dreams, there will be an australian football presence on tumblr and I can have lots of good pictures show up on my dash and I can reblog my heart away. <3

And finally, rumour is that next season's fixture will be out in the next week/fortnight, and after that membership packages will go on sale! It's almost like the next season is almost here? \o?
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Continuing my retrospective of my tumblr, here are my top three photos from August.

Here are the top three photos from my Tumblr in August 2010 )

You can see all the all of the other photos from August, as well as all the other posts I have made on my Tumblr over the past year, at my Tumblr archive.


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